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the future of Stein&Fenton

Every Stein&Fenton frame is built by hand in Pawnee, Illinois USA.  Combining the latest technologies in 3D printing Titanium and hand laid carbon fiber tubing, our new Prestige frame is the combination of modern technology and individual craftsmanship.

Owning a Prestige from Stein&Fenton, you now become part of our history and our future.

STEIN 54 P2 LW wheels Di2.1160.jpeg
STEIN 54 _edited.jpg
STEIN 54 P2 Enve AXS.1162.jpeg

Stein&Fenton is based in a small rural town in central Illinois.  Pawnee, Illinois has a population of 2,700 people, 1 gas station, and not a single stop light.  What our small town of Pawnee doesn't offer in amenities it does offer in dreams and passion.  Every Stein&Fenton is designed and built by hand right here in our hometown.

You won’t find us claiming our bikes are the fastest, lightest, or most aerodynamic.  What we do is design and build bikes we are proud of...and we hope you will be equally as proud to ride one.

Built By Hand (in the USA) to YOUR Specs

Frame specs include T47 bottom bracket, 12x142 rear end, capable of up to 32c tires, fully integrated and internal cable routing, integrated seat wedge clamp, and more.

Sizing - We offer "stock" size frames from 49cm up to 61cm in 1cm increments.  For an added fee and longer lead time, we are happy to accommodate custom size geometry to fit your exact needs.

Customer chooses every spec of the build for the desired perfect fit such as crank length, chainring size, cassette size, saddle manufacturer/model/size, handlebar width, stem length, tire manufacturer/model/size, and so on. No longer are you tied to the default specs of "big manufacturer" stock bikes. You get to choose it all with Stein&Fenton!

STEIN 54 P2.1119.jpeg

Keep up to date

Interested in owning a Stein&Fenton? Sign Up for our newsletter below to be the first notified once we are ready for open orders.

Ready To Ride

No more buying that fancy new bike only to have to buy more parts getting it ready to ride. All Stein&Fenton bikes comes “Ready To Ride”!  What does that mean?
All Stein&Fenton bikes come equipped with bottles cages (Alpitude carbon or SILCA Ti), pedals (Dura Ace R9100 by default), saddle bag (SILCA Mattone), and computer mount (customer choice).

STEIN 54 P2.1126.jpeg

Our Preferred Suppliers

As is the heritage of Stein&Fenton, we only sell complete bike builds (no frame only options currently). We are very proud of the select partners we choose to build our bikes with. When selecting our suppliers, we choose craftsmanship and quality over anything else...including our own profit margins.  How are we able to build, what we feel, are the best bikes in the world without using the best products in the world?

We don’t just build A bike.  
We build YOUR bike.

We hope to build your Stein&Fenton soon!

Prestige models will be available to order mid-summer 2023. They will be built in order based on contact date and deposit received.  Delivery dates will depend on the availability of supplier parts.

Stein&Fenton base builds use SRAM Red AXS / Shimano Dura Ace 12sp groupsets, ENVE SES rims w/ Chris King hubs, Darimo seat posts, etc.  A la carte upgrades are available for wheels, handlebars, rotors, cranks, chainrings, and so on.  Frame/component finishing options are nearly endless as well.

Complete builds starting at $15,500

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